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TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2018 |7:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Security Check – Starting at 06:00 AM

The World Trade Center Washington D.C – Ronald Reagan Building is a government secure building, and all ATIGS participants will be required to go through security screening prior to entering.

Registration / Continental Breakfast & Networking – 07:00 AM – 08:00 AM

Join us for breakfast and coffee to kick off the event.

Track N: Introductory Remarks

Room: Main Conference Hall – Atrium Ballroom

Organizer’s Opening Remarks

ATIGS Organizing Committee Member

Fernando Dolbeth Assunção, Managing Director, First African Investment Holding Angola

– Opening Keynote Sessions

Opening Ministerial Statement Keynote

Our Continent, Our Legacy: Contributing Meaningfully Toward Africa’s Development Agenda Keynote

– Deep-Dive

8:40 Am: Trade & Export Finance Plenary Panel Session

Dr. Vernon Darko, President, EQUIPXP, LC Houston, Texas

Simon Glossop, CEO, CAMSCORP London

Matthew Bock, Esq. LCB, Partner, Middleton & Shrull, LLC Boston, USA

Mr. Willie Chatsika, Counsellor & Head of Africa, World Trade Organization Switzerland

Track O: Doing Business in Africa

Room: Atrium Ballroom A

9:30 Am: Expanding into African Markets Panel Session

– Understanding Africa’s business system, and mitigating country risks, rules, regulations, and resources

– Preparing for, and managing, sustainable growth: Exploring Africa’s soft landings

Aderonke Alex-Adedipe, Partner, Strachan PartnersNigeria

Jared Kotler, Head of Political Risk & Trade Credit, Validus Holdings New York, USA

Berthran Ugeh, Managing Director, Tendy Group Nigeria

Kevin Fryatt, Director , Risk Management Initiative in Microfinance (RIM) Washington, DC, United States

Sonia Galat, Co-Founder, Africa Business Venture United Kingdom

Track P: The Money: Investing in Africa

Room: Atrium Ballroom B

9:30 Am: Investing in Africa Panel Session

– Mapping data to support strategic investment planning, etc.

– Opportunities, return on foreign investment in Africa, and cross border partnerships

– Recent developments and trends in investment policy and trade laws

Mr. Matthew Downing, Chairman & CEO , Ethium Group Australia

Greg Cohen, Co-founder and Executive Director , Asoko Insight Nigeria

Dr. Chris Kpodar, Chairman, & CEO , Solomon Investments Ghana

Andrew Darfoor, CMA, MBA, Group CEO , Alexander Forbes Group Holdings South Africa

Kenneth Allen, Founder and Managing Director , Azurest Partners USA

10:00 Am: Impact Investment in Africa Panel Session

Pape Samb, Global Vice President & Executive Director for Africa , Ashoka USA

Andrew Sekandi, Partner , Sofala Partners LLP United Kingdom

10:20 Am: Deal Time: Coffee and Networking Break

Recharge with a cup of coffee between sessions

Track Q: US-Africa Business Forum                  Time: 10: 30 AM – 12:30 PM

Room: Atrium Ballroom A

A Business to Business forum to reach new markets, forge new connections and to secure new partners.

Hosted as Part of ATIGS 2018, by GAA Events Africa

10:30 Am: The State of Africa IndustrializationSpecial Address

10:40 Am: AGOA: The U.S.-Africa Trade Program: Taking Full Advantage Panel Session

– What are the opportunities for U.S. businesses in Africa?

– Utilizing African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) to support manufacturers expanding in the United States

– Doing Business in U.S. (African companies seeking ways to expand operations in the United States)

Philomena Desmond, Executive Director , Horizon Africa Virginia, United States

Mr. Rudyard Ceres, Founding Partner , Ceres Law PC New York, United States

Edward M. Miller, Jr. Associate Director , Law Office of Edward M. Miller New Jersey, United States

10:30 Am: U.S. Trade Africa Brief Special Address

10:40 Am: Africa and the United States: A defining relationship of the 21st century Panel Session

“Today, the question of why Africa matters is not up for debate. However, the question that does remain – for US business leaders and investors is – how to navigate the opportunity set.”

– USA – Africa Partnership (Promoting commerce and investment in the African market)

– Mutual understanding and equitable collaboration between Africa and the United States.

– Policy: Trade and Investment policies under the Trump Administration

Liz Grossman, Founder and Managing Director , Baobab Consulting New York, USA

Tom Iseghohi, Executive Vice President , Hudson Consulting Group New York, United States

Jordan Garcia, Honorary Consul of the , Republic of Guinea Conakry for the State of –California, USA

Ms. Angelique Brunner, Founder & President , EB5 Capital Washington, DC, United States

Moderator: Ms.Jeannine B. Scott, Principal , America to Africa Consulting (A2A), LLC Washington, DC, USA

Track Room: Atrium Ballroom B R: UAE-Africa Business Forum

Time: 10: 30 AM – 12:30 PM

High-level business conversations for UAE-Africa business relations, deal making, and collaboration on major business projects.

Hosted as Part of ATIGS 2018, by GAA Events Middle East

Road to World Expo 2020Special Address

– Highlights about the vibrant creative scene of Dubai and how to do business in Dubai focusing on Dubai Expo 2020

11:00 Am: Middle East – Africa Partnership Panel Session

– Enhancing Africa and UAE Business and Investment Dynamics

Dr. Munir Ahmad Ch, President , Aspire World Investments LLC Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Naved Hasan, Founder & CEO , Africa Business Pages United Arab Emirates

Peter Dalkeith Scott, Chairman , PDSIGROUP Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Track S: Africa-China Economic Forum                  Time: 10: 30 AM – 12:30 PM

Room: Oceanic

Economic dialogue to promote job creating investments and business transactions between Africa and China.

Hosted as Part of ATIGS 2018, by GAA Asia Exhibitions

China in Africa Brief Special Address

11:00 Am: China – Africa Partnership Panel Session

– The future of China & Africa business

– Job creating investments and business transactions between Africa and China.

Adebola Omololu, CEO , Afriscaper China

Michael Orimobi, Global Chairman , Tokunbo Orimobi Legal Group Nigeria

Track T: EU-Africa International Business Congress                  Time: 10: 30 AM – 12:30 PM

Room: Oceanic B

Interactive conversations on the EU-Africa business relations for potential growth and development.

Hosted as Part of ATIGS 2018, by GAA Events Europe

State of the EU BriefSpecial Address

11:00 Am: EU-Africa Partnership Panel Session

– What Opportunities exist for EU Businesses?

– How African businesses can expand into EU: A Win-Win for Africa

Pablo Martín Carbajal, Deputy head for African Affairs, and CEO of , Proexca, Government of the Canary Islands

Pius Muchiri, Managing Director & CEO , Nabo Capital Limited Kenya

Rita Isiba, Founding Director , Aphropean Partners Austria

M’Hamed CHERIF, General Manager , Invest in Africa Now Belgium

Eng. Paulo J. Marques Morgado MBA,MPhill, CEO , MorGroup The Netherlands

ModeratorUzo Madu, Founder , What’s in it for Africa Belgium

12:00 Pm:Networking Lunch & Exhibition Viewing

During lunch, come by the exhibition hall to network and see what’s happening!

Atrium Hall Main Exhibition Hall

B2B and B2G

Also Check out the Parallel Sessions Over Lunch (Multiple Rooms

Track U: Luncheon Program: Conversations & Presentations                  12:30 PM – 1:00 PM

Multiple Rooms | Parallel Sessions Over Lunch

Closing Your First African Deal

Eric-Michel Sossou-Gloh, Senior Consultant and Strategic Partner , Cedar Street Capital, LLC Washington, USA

Private Equity Investment in Africa

– Opportunities and/or sectors that are available

– Improvements to attract more PE transactions (governance or legislation) for leveling the PE field with western countries

Joab Khamala, Founder & President , Joabs Capital & Equity Research

Franklin Olakunle Amoo, Partner , Baylis Emerging Markets Nigeria

Overview of the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA)Presentation

-Progress update, success stories and causes for optimism as well as views and thoughts on areas of priority.

Mena Hassan, PhD, Trade Policy Analyst/Trade Facilitation Expert –World Trade Organization (Pending)

Resources and Data for Businesses and Development Projects

– Designed for investors, with a specific focus on early-stage and startup companies in Africa.

Phathisani Khumalo, Founder & Director , Selbourne Research United Kingdom

Think Locally. Grow Globally. How to Take Your Business InternationalPresentation

Sable Badaki, Global Business Ambassador, SheWorks United States

Financial Intelligence: Building Enterprises from Africa Presentation

Douglas Eze, CEO,Largo Financial Services United States

Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Management in Emerging Markets Presentation

– Understanding the African market and it’s qualitative operations and comfort to invest, given the vast investment opportunities with great returns when done the right.

Joab Khamala, Founder & President, Joabs Capital & Equity Research

Promoting Access to Finance in Conflict-Affected Markets: Shuraako’s Success in Somalia Presentation

Tony Pelz, Director of Originations , DNL Global Capital LLC United Kingdom

Investors Roundtables Lunch                  TIME: 12:10 PM – 1:00 PM

Room: Meridian E

Equity Based Investors Roundtable

Public Sector Investors Round Table

Co-Investment Roundtables

Structuring Investments

– By Invitation Only Hosted by

For questions, send an email to [email protected]

Women at The Top Forum

Room: Main Conference Hall – Atrium Ballroom AB

1:00 Pm: Women’s Economic EmpowermentSpecial Address

Almas Jiwani, President, Emeritus United Nations Women Canada Canada

1:20 Pm: Women at the Top Panel Session

– How can we reinvent business leadership in Africa with women, and youth, to ensure we meet Agenda 2063 and all the continent’s promises?

– Reinvent business leadership in Africa with women, and youth.

Richelle Speights, Founder & CEO, Franchise Africa North Carolina, United States

Lady Kate Ndi, Commissioner on African Affairs, Maryland , and CEO of Miss Africa USA Pageant Maryland, USA

Yolanda E (Conley) Shields, MBA, Founder & Consultant, YES Builds Tennessee, USA

Senela Jayasuriya-Abeynaike, Founder & CEO, Women Empowered Global Sri Lanka

Mimi Kalinda, Author, Co-founder and Managing Director, Africommunications Group (ACG) Congo DRC

Moderator: Moderator from Women’s World Banking Capital Partners (Pending)

1:10 Pm: She Trade (Sourcing from Women Vendors) Panel Session

Mucha Mlingo, VP Membership + Incoming Chairperson, OWIT Nairobi (Organisation of Women in International Trade, Nairobi Chapter) Kenya

Advancing Leadership and Economic Development of Women Entrepreneurs in Africa Panel Session

Mandelein Mkunu, Founder & President, Leading Women of Africa (LWA) South Africa

Miranda Zelda Naiman, Visionary Founder & Managing Director, Empower Limited Tanzania

Track V: Rebranding Africa Forum

1:10 Pm: Rebranding Africa Panel Session

– Showcasing success: The Big Picture

– Showcasing a new image of Africa

Dr Mwenya Kasonde, Founder, Sishima Holdings Zambia

Julian B. Kiganda, Transformational Brand Strategist at JBK Brand Design Washington, DC, United States

1:10 Pm: Telling Africa’s Story Panel Session

Target Audience: Journalist, Bloggers, Artists, and Media Outlets

More Information Coming Soon! Inspired by Black Panther (Wakanda)

Track W: Africa and The Diaspora

1:00 Pm: Engaging the African Diaspora in Economic Development in Africa Presentation

Melvin Foote, CEO & President, Constituency for Africa (CFA) Washington, DC, United States

1:20 Pm: Bridging the Diaspora and Africa Panel Session

– Investment channels and vehicles for the Diaspora

– How to organize and direct the Diaspora’s contribution to the African continent?

Maguette Mbow, Founder & Producer, L’Afrique c’est Chic World, and Africa is Calling You France

Akbar Muhammad, International Logistics Coordinator, Hue Logistics United States

Nkembuh Natalie, CEO, Davmontes Ltd Italy

Africa’s Next Generation & Startup Africa Forum

1:10 Pm: The Next Generation: Tomorrow’s Champions Panel Session

– African next generation narrative

– Shifting trends and organizational transformation

Dr Gerhard van Rensburg, Chairman, Future Leaders Development & Director, Future Leaders Africa South Africa

Nolo Mokoena, Chief Executive, The Grind Africa South Africa

Henry Agyei Asare, Founder/CEO, Tentmaker Ghana Ghana

Taa Wongbe, CEO, The Khana Group New York, United States

Chad Chawanda, CEO, Size Chunk South Africa

1:10 Pm: Africa Startup Ecosystem Panel Session

What can African start-ups do better to secure investment?

Making your African startup and investment dream a reality

Dade Salim, CEO, Ecostartup Nigeria

Mannie T’Chawi, Co-Founder & CEO, LayerCake Washington DC, United States

Harry W. YOUMBI, CEO and Co-founder de , Bmeet France

Berthin Ntekereze, Managing Director, Afrinet Capital New York, United States

2:10 Pm: Deal Time: Coffee and Networking Break

Recharge with a cup of coffee between sessions

Track X: Parallel Country and/or State Briefings                  Time: 2:30 PM– 5:00 PM

Multiple Room

First-hand face-to-face experience to learn and identify business and investment opportunities Length: 30 Minutes followed by Q&A

Investment Opportunities in Gombe State, Nigeria

H.E Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, Executive Governor of Gombe StateNigeria

Investment Opportunities in Rivers State, Nigeria

H.E Barr. Nyesom Wike, CON, Executive Governor of Rivers State, Nigeria

Investing in Ghana Presentation

Yoofi Grant, The Chief Executive Officer, Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Ghana

Investing and Doing Business in Angola Presentation

Belarmino Van-Dúnem, Chairman, Angola’s Investment and Exports Promotion Agency (APIEX) Angola

Doing Business in Kenya Presentation

Presented by Kenya Business Guide (KBG)

Investment Opportunities in Nigeria – The Path Less Trodden Presentation

Titus O. Olowokere, President & CEO, US-Nigeria Trade Council, USA.Atlanta, Georgia

Doing Business in Cameroon Presentation

Mrs. Achare Besong epse Batey, Regional Director, Entreprises Du CamerounCameroon

Grow your Export in Canada Presentation

Bernadette Fernandes, Founder, The Varanda NetworkCanada

Invest in Ogun State (Nigeria): The Gateway City Presentation

Adewale Hammed Bello, Special Assistant, Ogun State Government

Opportunities in Congo DRC Presentation

Mr Albert Yuma Mulimbi, Chairman at , Fédération des Entreprises du Congo (FEC) and Congolese state-owned mining company GECAMINES-Congo DRC

Investing in Ethiopia – why now? Presentation

Zekarias Amsalu, Founder, MD, IBEX Frontier / IBEX Financial Consultancy LtdEthiopia

Business Opportunities in Sao Tome / Doing Business in Lusophone Africa Presentation

Mr Pieter van Welzen, Honorary Consul, Consulate of Sao Tome e Principe in TheNetherlands

Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria- the Nigerian Exeprience: Legal Landscape Presentation

– Regulatory requirements, success of ongoing reforms vis-a-vis the executive orders on the ease of doing business

Mr Dayo Adu, Partner, Famsville SolicitorsNigeria

Investment Opportunities in Zimbabwe Presentation

Walker Nyachowe, CEO, Walker Consulting ServicesZimbabwe

How to win African Business Opportunities (Pan African) Presentation

Prof. Dr. Raju Chandrasekar, Founder Director, World Development FoundationIndia

Mauritius: The gateway to Africa Presentation

More country focused presentations coming soon. If you are interested in doing a Country or State Presentation at ATIGS 2018, please email [email protected]

Track Y: Sector Focus                  Time: 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Multiple Rooms

2:30 Pm: Shaping the Future of Healthcare in Africa Panel Session

Dr Lenias Hwenda, CEO, Medicines for AfricaSwitzerland

Ted M. Alemayhu, Founder & Executive Chairman, US Doctors for Africa (USDFA)Los Angeles, USA

Dr Ola Brown, MBBS, Founder, Flying Doctors NigeriaNigeria

Tara Blake, Director, International Project Finance, Overseas Private Investment CorporationUSA (Pending)

Ms. Kirti Narsai, Senior Director, Government Affairs & Policy, Sub Saharan Africa, Johnson & JohnsonSouth Africa

Moderator: Ms. Kirti Narsai, Founder & CEO, Global Sustainable Partnerships (GSP)United States

2:30 Pm: Natural Resources Opportunities in Africa Panel Session

Frank Horton, Managing Director, Mercton ResourcesGhana

Eder Pires Ferreira, Board Advisor at Sonangol Angola

Christian K. Lukusa, Esq, Attorney at Law, Avocat à la CourCongo DRC

Ambassador Tshibangu, Mukumbay PhD, Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Republic of theCongo

2:30 Pm: African Fashion & Beauty Business Panel Session

Jacqueline Shaw, Director , Africa Fashion Guide Ltd United Kingdom

Ms. Akinyi Odongo, Creative Director , Akinyi Odongo KENYA Kenya

Adanna Ifeoma Enwezor, MD , Photizo Life Foundation and Convener, African Hair Summit Nigeria

3:30 Pm: Aviation Sector in Africa: Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) Panel Session

A single air transport market is a flagship project of the African Union Agenda 2063, aiming to connect Africa through aviation and other transport infrastructure to achieve integration and boost intra-Africa trade.

Meir Moalem, CEO & Managing Director, Sky and Space Global United Kingdom

3:30 Pm: Sports, Music and Tourism in Africa Panel Session

How music festivals and entertainment contribute to the global tourism industry in Africa.

Opportunities for African countries to boost the value of touristic destinations using innovative music strategies.

How to improve the tourist experience and generate social and economic benefits for local citizens.

Yusef Muhammad, CEO, American Business Television Network Texas, United States

Bismack Biyombo, Congolese Professional, NBA Basketball Player Orlando Magic

ELIA MUGUME, CEO, Travel Abroad Solution and Services Ltd Rwanda

Food Security in Africa Panel Session

Michelle Adelman, Managing Director of Accite Holdings Botswana

Dave Okech, Managing Director, Josdav Enterprises Kenya

4:30 Pm: The Business of Sports In Africa; Potentials and Opportunities Presentation

Leslie Koroma, Founder/CEO, African Sports Media Network Texas, United States

4:30 Pm: Agriculture and International Business: Benefit Corporation for Africa Initiative (BCAI) Presentation

Tebabu Assefa, Co-founder, Africa Diaspora Business Council US

4:30 Pm: Logistics and Transport Presentation

Hassan Bello, CEO, Nigerian Shippers Council (NSC) Nigeria

Track Z: Fueling the Future                  Time: 5:00 PM – 5:40 PM

Room: Main Conference Hall – Atrium Ballroom AB

4:50 Pm: Summit Announcement Plenary

WOFAI SAMUEL, Senior Newscaster, International Pundit & Talk Show Hostess Nigeria

Summing up the Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit 2018

– Round up, conclusions and next steps

Amega Yawo, Managing Director, Trustrade Consulting Group, SARL Lome, Togo

Charles B. Bennin, CEO, Triple Grace Consultancy & Logistics Limited Ghana

5:20 Pm: Closing Keynote: Going Forward, Faster: Building Africa TogetherKeynote

Launch of ATIGS 2020 Roadmap Special Address

ATIGS 2020 to be held in Dubai, UAE during the World Expo 2020

ATIGS Plans to World Expo 2020 (Over 25 Million Visitors)

Closing Press Conference                  TIME: 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Closing Interviews (By Invitation Only)

Room: Continental A — Press Conference Room / Media Room

Facilitator: WOFAI SAMUEL, Senior Newscaster, International Pundit & Talk Show Hostess Nigeria

Special Event | ATIGS Awards Ceremony                  TIME: 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Celebration and dinner to honor trade promotional organizations and investment promotional agencies from various African regions, recognizing the visionary leaders, industry partners, and dynamic individuals driving development in Africa in their respective fields. DRESS CODE: Formal/Elegant (7:00 PM – 9:30 PM)

M.C: WOFAI SAMUEL, Senior Newscaster, International Pundit & Talk Show Hostess Nigeria

Facilitator: Ceci Guevara, Events Coordinator, GAA Exhibitions & Conferences USA

Traditional African Drum Performance:


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