The Bankable Projects Showcase (BPS) is unique initiative intended to promote bankable African focus projects to global investors and developers which will drive growth and development in Africa.
The main component of the Bankable Projects Showcase is having exposure to investors, partnership at ATIGS 2018. All projects that are accepted to feature under the Bankable Projects Showcase means it has been well evaluated and meet standard of a Bankable Project.


The Bankable Projects Showcase allow individuals and companies who are either seeking direct foreign investment for their African business project, domestic investment, international partners to operate, develop or undertake as a joint venture. BPS is an opportunity to attract and unlock legitimate funds directly from the global investment community by having your project represented at ATIGS 2018 which will be expose to qualified global investors in control of billions of dollars. The BPS is completely free to participate.


One of the major problems in Africa is the lack of bankable projects in key sectors, the needs are there but projects are not bankable. Well-structured and audited bankable projects continues to be a serious challenge for investors in Africa because the emphasis is no longer on the lack of finance; rather it’s about unleashing bankable projects to further Africa’s economic growth.
Africa needs bankable projects to attract investment and ATIGS strive to make sure all projects represented under the Bankable Projects Showcase have potential to trigger deals and investment partnerships, enabling job creation and economic growth in Africa.
The showcase initiative is one of ATIGS organizers contributing commitment in bolstering economic prosperity and social wealth in Africa by making sure all projects represented under the Bankable Projects Showcase to have met the qualification of an “Afridevelopism” business project. Afridevelopism is an economic initiative that promote development and social progress in Africa.


  • Driving foreign direct investment in Africa.
  • Driving international trade in Africa.
  • Exposing African talents internationally.
  • Exposing Africans innovations internationally.
  • Seeking to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for Africans.
  • Creating jobs in more than 2 African countries.
  • Solving a major problem that will bring change to a community in Africa.
  • Providing relevant services or solutions in key sectors in Africa.
  • Improve standards of living for society at large or a particular community.
  • Promoting the integration of any sustainable development goals (SDGs) in Africa


This Bankable Projects Showcase is entirely FREE but only the most sought after collection of bankable business projects are accepted to participate in the showcase in other to be represented at ATIGS 2018. All project sector is eligible to participate but priority consideration will be given to projects that falls under the following sectors.

  • Infrastructure & Construction
  • Financial Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Agriculture & Agribusiness
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Telecommunications & ICT
  • Media & Broadcasting
  • Information Technology
  • Automotive
  • Mining
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Oil & Gas
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Power & Energy
  • Health


ATIGS uses a sophisticated business matching algorithm to connect projects with potential investors at ATIGS 2018. From visibility to credibility, participating in BPS has many benefits for your project by establishing a high-level presence to network and promote your project to business counterparts, international investors, and building a more established and reliable brand.

Some key advantage includes:

  • Develop new contacts and strengthen existing ones
  • Meet with highly targeted audience
  • Increase awareness of your project
  • Be part of a revolutionizing showcase initiative
  • Meet face-to-face with high-profile governmental decision-makers
  • Identify key opportunities to determine long-term strategies
  • Network with end investors who are seeking investment opportunities
  • Access to the exclusive Investor’s Lounge at ATIGS 2018
  • Opportunity to use the “Afridevelopism” logo on website or any document to demonstrate your commitment in the economic development and social progress in Africa.

Only projects represented under the Bankable Projects Showcase will be expose on-site at ATIGS Bankable Showcase 2018. All accepted project owners under the bankable projects showcase are eligible for a complimentary ATIGS Full Conference & Expo Badge which includes several benefits. Project owners must be on-site to represent their project and we do not cover any travel and lodging cost. Note: Attending ATIGS is not mandatory.


Participants at ATIGS comes from all over the world and the bankable project showcase which is an integrated part of ATIGS will attract.

  • Private Investors: Global and Domestic
  • Trade and Investment Media
  • Industry Sector Specialists
  • Consultants
  • Project Developers
  • Services Providers
  • Financial Institutions and Banks
  • Investment Officers
  • Export Promotions Bodies
  • National Investment Bodies


To participate in the on-site showcase, you will need to have a retractable exhibition banner which display your project logo or aspects of the project you want to expose. It is a professional, lightweight exhibition banner which can be assembled in minutes. Printed on a range of durable materials and ideal for showcase.

Banner Benefits

  • Large, lightweight and portable
  • Durable cloth, polyester or PVC film
  • Banner retracts into base for easy transportation
  • Cost effective advertising
  • Comes with a cloth carry bag
  • Options & Pricing Get your file ready
  • Specification
  • Printing

These banners are easy to pack up and set up. It is a durable banner which retracts down into the frame and fits neatly into a lightweight carry bag. Project owners are responsible for the cost of banner production. You can purchase the banner yourself or have ATIGS organizing committee purchase the banner for you at an arranged cost and have it ready for you at ATIGS 2018.


ATIGS also offer virtual on-site showcase where your project can feature in the showcase room at ATIGS without you being present. This is good for project owners participating in the Bankable Project Showcase who are unable to attend the showcase but will like to have their project feature in the showcase. There is a non-refundable virtual on-site showcase fee of $500 to have ATIGS expose your project at ATIGS 2018 which includes the designing of your showcase banner and featuring it at the showcase room alongside with our trained staff to represent your project at the showcase.


While at ATIGS, projects owners will have the opportunity to developed relations with potential investors who are interest in travelling to Africa for an investment mission trip. In this case, ATIGS organizers will be able to work with project owner and the interested investors team to arrange an investment missions. They are a standard fees or negotiable arrangements between ATIGS organizers and Project Owners to arrange and facilitate an investment mission trip to any country in Africa.


ATIGS understands that project owners that seek international partnership can use ATIGS platform as a starting point to make connection and recruitment for an exploratory trade mission in Africa. In this case, ATIGS organizers can work with project owner and international companies to arrange for an exploratory trade mission in Africa. They are a standard fees or negotiable arrangements between ATIGS organizers and Project Owners to arrange and facilitate an exploratory trade mission to any country in Africa.


To participate in the Bankable Projects Showcase, please send the below information to [email protected]

Project Name
Project Country:
Project Sector:
Required Investment:
Project Description:


North America
Global Attain Advancement, LLC
PO Box 18087 Austin, Texas, 78760
[email protected]

ATIGS 2018 Official Trade Partner & Global Representative
Trustrade Consulting Group, SARL
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