Partnering with the Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit (ATIGS) offers a relevant platform to engage global investors, hundreds of companies, stakeholders, high-level government officials and industry professionals across the world to develop credible relationships with proven decision makers and to maneuver your organization into a position which will save you time and money.
There are various ways to get involved, and we are in the position to customize our partnership to suit your business needs.


Become a Country Representative
You will act as the “Official Country Representative” for ATIGS 2018 focus as a point of contact in your country for potential delegates that wants to participate at ATIGS 2018.
We will be recruiting high-profile delegates in our target audience from over 70 international markets, and there is a need for a coordinated action in many countries.

Become a Delegation Organizer
You will recruit potential delegation members from international countries, regions, states, and provinces and lead the delegation to ATIGS 2018.

Become a Strategic Alliance Partner
One of our strategies to promote the event is to start from the top of the pyramid down at least locally. In this area, you will our “Strategic Alliance Partner” and will be responsible for engaging with the highest authorities in your locality to earn their endorsement and obtain an official endorsement letter from them. Sample letter to be provided.

Become an Industry Partner
Do you have an event that would benefit the ATIGS community? You can consider hosting an event around the margins of the ATIGS to increase your event exposure, including receptions, meetings, lecture, panel discussion, book signing, dinners, service project, tours of local facilities, spin-off event before or after the ATIGS 2018 anywhere around the world, or other activities. You will promote the event to your network with support from ATIGS team.

Become a Marketing Partner
Reach out to companies that may be interested in exhibiting, sponsoring or advertising at the ATIGS 2018. We have a comprehensive sponsorship, exhibition, advertisement brochure for ATIGS 2018, which you will be able to use. There are professionally crafted marketing materials that will help you in this area.

Become an Promotional Partner
Promote ATIGS 2018 through-to-face contact with target audience, social medial marketing, Facebook group, professional email marketing, blog posts etc. we shall provide you with graphics and logos of ATIGS to use for promotion, including an official banner that you can use on the homepage of your organization website (if available).

Become an Official Alliance Partner
Using a unique code, we will provide, you will leverage your clients, members, colleagues, and partners to sign-them up to attend ATIGS 2018 and we’ll share revenue with you. Earn up to 15% for each of the categories you sign up someone.

Become an Official Government Facilitator
We plan to send an invitation to every country’s government on Earth that is not blacklisted by the US government and that is already in Africa trying to expand its reach in terms of trade and investment promotion or that is interested in exploring trade and investment opportunities in Africa. You will act as a facilitator for this initiative.

Become an Official Country Facilitator
Work with ATIGS organizing committee to facilitate special invitations to your home country ministries of foreign relations, industries, chamber of commerce, directors of state-owned companies and other quality potential dignitaries outlining the benefits for them to take part in the event such as attracting world-class investors, establish or enhance strategic relationships, promote organization, market or region to the international business community, etc.

Become a Knowledge Partner
You will join the ATIGS Steering Committee which is directly involved in the development of the program agenda, ensuring the agenda explores only the most relevant and topical issues impacting trade and investment in African markets. The committee also assists in securing the participation of high-level speakers, moderators, and panel members.

Become an Research Partner
Research and create standards track technical reports, or findings recommendations, or market report. For example, research and produce a report on “The Status of Africa Manufacturing Markets” and channel/tie the report at the last pages of the report to talk about ATIGS 2018. ATIGS 2018 will cover 16 sectors and the report can be on any of the sectors. The report can be branded with your organization image, and we shall circulate the report to ATIGS participants and include the report in ATIGS Resource Center.

Become a Strategic Partner
Act as an advisor or strategist to support ATIGS 2018 before the event by sharing technical plans, strategies, exchanging ideas, sharing experiences and tactics for the success of ATIGS 2018.

Become a Media Partner
List ATIGS in your organization events calendar page (if available), promote ATIGS tin your organization newsletter, and issue out a press release about ATIGS 2018.

Become a Technology Partner
Produce promotional videos for ATIGS 2018. Use video with speakers, photos, and B-Roll, some stock images, and city, to create promo videos with voice over or without voice over.

Become a Broadcast Partner
Pre-promotion of the Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit 2018 on your TV outlet. You will also have the option to also cover ATIGS 2018 on-site, include recording and broadcast of an editorially relevant panel discussion, within the Summit’s program, and carry out interviews at ATIGS 2018.

Become an Educational Partner
One of our target audience segment is Academic institutions leaders (Universities, Higher Education Institutions, Business Schools) intervening in entrepreneurship, business development and economic development among others. You will be responsible for engaging with these target audience.

Become an ATIGS Session Chair
While not a difficult task, session chairing is a vital component to ensuring that the meeting programs at ATIGS 2018 flows professionally and smoothly and that high-quality and relevant information is delivered to conference participants.

Become an Event Chair
Serve as the Event Chair for one of the ATIGS 2018 Side- Events! As an ATIGS 2018 Side Event Chair, you will develop to take the concept of any of the side-event already created and fully develop and coordinate the idea all the way through on-site execution.

Become a Supporting Partner
Help ATIGS 2018 in any way that best suit your organizations capability, such as posting ATIGS logo, listing ATIGS event on your calendar, newsletter, and reports. Simply any way that your organization can be in the position to help ATIGS 2018.

Join ATIGS 2018 On-Site Working Group
You will join as an on-site working group to assist GAA staffs with all operating components of the event, including bag stuffing, greeting and directing guests, staffing panels and plenary sessions, and staffing information booths.

Join ATIGS Organizing Committee
Join ATIGS 2018 organizing committee and together plan, promote and execute ATIGS 2018. We have a number of point of contacts on the ground who are involved with a mix of different tactics and strategies. You will contribute to team effort by accomplishing related activities as needed.

Join ATIGS Strategic Partnerships Committee
Strategic Partnerships Committee is responsible for engaging with partners to advance the mission of ATIGS 2018. Identify meaningful collaborations for ATIG 2018 and engage with organizations both in-person and via online communities.

ATIGS 2018 will welcome over 2,000+ high-profile participants from 70+ countries which will include top level global participation of Ministers, CEOs and industry experts, among others.

The event is shaped and driven by sponsors, partners, speakers, volunteers, press, and delegates. We have all materials for ATIGS 2018 (frequently asked questions, registration process, registration fee, accommodation, visa formalities, delegate expenses worksheet, pricing brochure, etc. and available upon your request).
Have an idea for collaboration area that isn’t listed here? please let us know and we will able to tailor a package. We will do our utmost best to satisfy you or your organization involvement with ATIGS 2018 so please do not hesitate to bring us your personal requests.
Hosting this international event at such a scale will furnish important opportunities for all partners involved.


To inquire about partnership collaborations, please contact us at [email protected]


North America
Global Attain Advancement, LLC
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ATIGS 2018 Official Trade Partner & Global Representative
Trustrade Consulting Group, SARL
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