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There is no doubt that sponsoring ATIGS 2018 will guarantee that your company makes a real, long-lasting and memorable impact. We develop close relationships with our partners and sponsors and tailor sponsorship packages to respond to their specific strategic and marketing needs. Regardless of your budget, we have a sponsorship package that will fulfil your requirements and ensure an excellent return on investment. You can choose from specific packages to find a tailored solution that best suits your needs.

The event will be supported by an effective promotion campaign that includes:

  • TV Advertisement Distribution
  • Newspaper Advertisement
  • SMS Campaigning
  • Invitation
  • Industry Trade Journals
  • Street Advertisement
  • Radio Advertisement
  • SMS Marketing
  • Visual Media
  • Radio Advertisement
  • Fax Marketing
  • Internet Promotion
  • Press Coverages
  • Banners / Posters / Billboard
  • Tele Marketing


Sponsoring the Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit 2018 is the perfect way to affiliate your organization with excellence, gain and hold the attention of a high-level audience, raise your profit and give you an edge over your competitors. All sponsorship packages provide a wide range of benefits and contributions. We currently have a multiple number of sponsorship openings available.


Summit Patron Sponsorship: USD $80,000 (exclusive opportunity)

Summit Patron have the highest profile amongst sponsors in the lead up, during and after the event. Summit Patron is the “face of the event” through opening & closing remarks, speaker introductions, Q&A moderation, and additional recognition on event collateral. It is the ownership level branding across all communications throughout the Summit venue.

Diamond Level Sponsorship: USD $50,000 (exclusive opportunity)

The Diamond Level package offers the second highest recognition before, during and after the event. It also includes premium advertising and exhibit placement at the event, solidifying your company’s leadership position in the Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit (ATIGS).

Platinum Level Sponsorship: USD $30,000 (exclusive opportunity)

Platinum Sponsor receive extensive branding on appropriate print, web-based and on-site promotions.

Gold Level Sponsorship: USD $15,000 (exclusive opportunity)

The Gold Sponsorship Package is designed to deliver a high-level platform for companies seeking to maximize the visibility of their corporate brand at the unique high-level ATIGS 2018.

Silver Level Sponsorships: USD $10,000 (limited opportunity- 3 sponsors)

Silver Sponsorship delivers powerful suite of branding, marketing and sales opportunities focused on a particular area of specialization within the context of the Summit.

Bronze Level Sponsorship: USD $8,000 (limited opportunity- 6 sponsors)

Associate Level Sponsorship: USD $5,000 (multiple opportunity- 15 sponsors)


There are multiple additional sponsorship opportunities available for you to gain visibility at ATIGS 2018. All positions include brand visibility in printed brochure and online. Additional sponsorships include;

$10,000 – $15,000 PACKAGES RANGE

  • Cocktail Reception (Day 2) Sponsorship: USD $12,000 (exclusive)
  • Cocktail Farewell Reception (Day 3) Sponsorship: USD $10,000 (exclusive)
  • Entertainment Sponsorship: USD $10,000 (exclusive)
  • Flagpole Sites Sponsorship: USD $12,000 (exclusive)
  • Gala & Awards Sponsorship: USD $15,000 (exclusive)
  • Luncheon (Day 2) Sponsorship: USD $13,000 (exclusive)
  • Luncheon (Day 3) Sponsorship: USD $13,000 (exclusive)
  • Lanyards Sponsorship: USD $12,000 (exclusive)
  • Plenary Sessions Sponsorship: USD $10,000 (exclusive)
  • Program Booklet Sponsorship: USD $10,000 (exclusive)
  • Private Jet Sponsorship: USD $15,000 (exclusive)
  • Summit Proceeding Sponsorship: USD $8,000 (exclusive)

$8,000 – $10,000 PACKAGES RANGE

  • Attendee Bags Sponsorship: USD $8,000 (exclusive)
  • Appreciation Reception Sponsorship: USD $8,500 (exclusive)
  • Breakfast (Day 2) Sponsorship: USD $8,000 (exclusive)
  • Breakfast (Day 3) Sponsorship: USD $8,000 (exclusive)
  • Hotel Key Cards Sponsorship: USD $8,000 (exclusive)
  • Summit Television Sponsorship: USD $8,500 (exclusive)
  • Sightseeing Tour Sponsorship: USD $8,000 (exclusive)
  • Registration Booth Sponsorship: USD $8,500 (exclusive)
  • Transportation Sponsorship: USD $8,000 (exclusive)
  • Video Production Services Sponsorship: USD $8,000 (exclusive)
  • Welcome Reception Sponsorship: USD $8,000 (exclusive)

$6,000 – $8,000 PACKAGES RANGE

  • Business Matchmaking Program Sponsorship: USD $6,000 (exclusive)
  • Coffee Breaks (Day 2) Sponsorship: USD $6,000 (exclusive)
  • Coffee Break (Day 3) Sponsorship: USD $6,000 (exclusive)
  • CyberCafe Sponsorship: USD $6,000 (exclusive)
  • Golf Day Sponsorship: USD $7,000 (exclusive)
  • Investors’ Zone Sponsorship: USD $7,000 (exclusive)
  • Media Room Sponsorship: USD $7,000 (exclusive)
  • Private Transfers Sponsorship: USD $6,000 (exclusive)
  • Red Carpet Sponsorship: USD $7,000 (exclusive)
  • Summit App Sponsorship: USD $6,000 (exclusive)
  • Translation Services Sponsorship: USD $6,000 (exclusive)

$4,000 – $6,000 PACKAGES RANGE

  • Advisory Board Luncheon Sponsorship: USD $4,500 (exclusive)
  • Business Lounge Sponsorship: USD $5,000 (exclusive)
  • Badge Sponsorship: USD $4,500 (exclusive)
  • Buyer’s Guide Sponsorship: USD $5,000 (exclusive)
  • Charging Stations Sponsorship: USD $4,000 (exclusive)
  • Next-Shuttle App Sponsorship: USD $5,000 (exclusive)
  • Escalator Slicks Sponsorship: USD $5,000 (limited availability)
  • Speakers Room Sponsorship: USD $5,000 (exclusive)
  • Technology Center Sponsorship: USD $4,000 (exclusive)
  • VIP Lounge Sponsorship: USD $4,500 (exclusive)
  • Room Drop Sponsorship: USD $4,000 (exclusive)
  • Shipping Center Sponsorship: USD $4,000 (exclusive)

$2,000 – $4,000 PACKAGES RANGE

  • Attendee Bag Insert Sponsorship: USD $2,500 (limited availability—5 Sponsors)
  • Aisle Signs Sponsorship: USD $3,500 (exclusive)
  • Attendee E-Newsletter Sponsorship: USD $3,500 (limited availability—2 sponsors)
  • Award Category Sponsorship: USD $2,500 (multiple availability—25 sponsors)
  • Directional Decals Sponsorship: USD $3,000 (exclusive)
  • Headshot Lounge Sponsorship: USD $3,500 (exclusive)
  • Information Desk Sponsorship: USD $4,000 (exclusive)
  • Literature Showcase Display Sponsorship: USD $3,000 (exclusive)
  • Exhibit Hall Workshop Sponsorship: USD $2,500 (exclusive)
  • Floor Plan Sponsorship: USD $2,000 (exclusive)
  • Hand Sanitizer Kiosk Sponsorship: USD $2,500 (exclusive)
  • Luggage Tags Sponsorship: USD $2,000 (exclusive)
  • Media Booth Sponsorship: USD $3,000 (exclusive)
  • Notebooks Sponsorship: USD $2,500 (exclusive)
  • Pocket Agenda Sponsorship: USD $3,000 (exclusive)
  • Pop-Up Banners Sponsorship: USD $2,500 (multiple availability- 15 sponsors)
  • Printing Station Sponsorship: USD $2,500 (exclusive)
  • Prize Draws Sponsorship: USD $3,000 (exclusive)
  • Restroom Signage Sponsorship: USD $3,500 (exclusive)
  • Summit Pens Scholarship: USD $2,500 (exclusive)
  • Show Daily Sponsorship: USD $3,500 (exclusive)
  • Speakers Sponsorship: USD $2,500 (multiple availability- 20 sponsors)
  • Summit Great Wall Sponsorship: USD $3,000 (limited availability- 5 sponsors)
  • Summit Video Wall Sponsorship: USD $4,500 (limited availability- 5 sponsors)
  • Shoe Shine Lounge Sponsorship: USD $3,000 (exclusive)
  • Staff T-Shirts Sponsorship: USD $2,500 (exclusive)
  • Side Event Rooms Sponsorship: USD $3,000 (limited availability- 5 sponsors)
  • Valet Parking Sponsorship: USD $2,500 (exclusive)
  • Welcome Banners Sponsorship: USD $4,000 (exclusive)
  • Wi-Fi Sponsorship: USD $3,000 (exclusive)
  • Water Station Sponsorship: USD $4,500 (exclusive)
  • Wine Pour Sponsorship: USD $4,000 (exclusive)

$1,000 – $2,000 PACKAGES RANGE

  • Exhibition Hall Directory Sponsorship: USD $1,500 (exclusive)
  • Exhibit Hall Cards Sponsorship: USD $1,500 (multiple availabilities—50 sponsors)
  • Meeting Suites Sponsorship: USD $1,500 (multiple availability- 20 sponsors)
  • Photo Gallery Sponsorship: USD $1,500 (exclusive)


Sponsors Note

All additional sponsorship is on a first-come, first-serve basis. All positions include logo brand visibility in printed brochure and online, and all general additional sponsorship benefits listed above.

Why It Is Better to Book Early

ATIGS 2018 sponsorship should be viewed as the culmination of a months-long, fully integrated marketing campaign. The earlier you book with us, the sooner we can start promoting you via our marketing channels, email lists, and to our followers and potential attendees. The ATIGS sponsorship team offers valuable support to sponsors throughout the season leading up to the events.

To discuss tailor-made sponsorship packages, contact us for more information and we will develop a custom program that fits your needs and marketing goals. From lead generation to brand awareness and thought-leadership positioning, you will surely find the right mix of added value opportunities to meet your very special needs.

To discuss more about how sponsorship can help you achieve your objectives or to design a custom package that better suits your needs, please contact our sponsorship team:

To discuss more about how sponsorship can help you achieve your objectives or to design a custom package that better suits your needs, please contact Ceci Guevara, Chief Marketing Officer of Global Attain Advancement (GAA), at [email protected]

Activate your sponsorship and start enjoying the benefits early


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