Official Country Representatives for ATIGS 2018 serving as the point of contact in their respective countries for potential delegates that want to attend ATIGS 2018.
Last Updated on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Amega Yawo, Managing Director, Trustrade Consulting Group, SARL – Togo/Global

Alagie Busso, Founder & CEO, FutureTech – Gambia

Alain Yapi, Directeur des Opérations, ABAGTHA – Morocco

Adhan Sheikh Abdullahi, Managing Director, Sinai Company Limited – Kenya

Alphons Koruhama, Founder and Director, Possibility Thinkers – Namibia

Alfred Loua, Founder, Africa Growth SME Executive Network – Cote D’Ivoire

Affiong Williams, Founder & CEO, Reel Fruit – Nigeria

Amon Rupiya, AGM Operations, Diamond Seguros – Mozambique

Bill Wren, Managing Director, Wren Capital Ltd, and Wren Trade Ltd – China

Bahnan Omar Loula, Founder & CEO, Techsoft – Djibouti

Cédric OUANEKPONE, CEO, Bê-Afrika Concept Consulting – Central African Republic

Cde. Dalah Ndahafa Hapulile (Ms), Founder & CEO, Dalarize Development Project – Namibia

Chizoba Ezenwata, CEO, Rural Urban Solar Energy – Nigeria

Cyrille Yoyo TEUGANG KENGNE, C.E.O, Business Investment Group – Cameroon/Central Africa

Duma Ndumiso Mnisi, Founding Director, D.Special Needs Investments (Pty) Ltd – Swaziland

Dagadou K. Agbeko, Founder & CEO, Kodaga Group – Togo

Daouda Hamadou, CEO, Novatech – Niger

Dagadou K. Agbeko, Founder & CEO, Shenzhen Kodaga Consulting Co.;Ltd – China

Enos Denhere, Founder, Envirochem Enterprises PVT Ltd, – Zimbabwe

Elizabeth de Magalhães Serra (Prof. Doutora/Ph.D), CEO, Double S – Portugal

Eng. Paulo J. Marques Morgado MBA, MPhill, CEO, MorGroup – The Netherlands

Fernando Dolbeth Assunção, Managing Director, First African Investment Holding – Angola

Gadzanani Makopola, CEO, Far The Best – Botswana

Gahimbare Arnaud Burundi

George. W. Bakka, CEO, Angels Initiatives – Uganda

Hiroyuki Itoh, CEO and Director, Onebloom Corporation – Japan

Hester Mc Kenzie, CEO, Affluent Resources Ltd – South Africa

Hamid Khayar Oumar Defallah, Associate, Global Investment Company – Chad

Isaac Manuel Cangund Cangundo, Chief Executive Officer – Bond Capital – Angola

Iongwa Mashangao, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Altech Group – Democratic Republic of Congo

Jennifer Uchendu, Founder, SustyVibes – Nigeria

James Barh Barlee, Executive Director, LIBSEIB Consultants Group – Liberia

Bernadette Fernandes, Founder & CEO, The Varanda Network – Canada

Janvier Regis Habimana, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Convergencium Ltd – Rwanda

Junior Washe, Hair Anna, Database System Administrator – Democratic Republic of Congo

Junaid Udhin, General Manager, Harel Mallac Global Services Ltd – Mauritius

Ketema Kebede, CEO, Adamant Investment Group – Dubai, UAE/Ethiopia

Koumtebaye Elysee, CEO, Chad Pharmaplus – Chad

Kyeng Mercy Tetuh, Founder & CEO, Value Health Africa – Cameroon

Larissa Ratsiraka, General Manager, World Trade Center Antananarivo – Madagascar

Latjor G.Gatwich Chuol, Entrepreneur – South Sudan

Maryse Djmasse-Mobe, Executive Manager, RH2P – Central African Republic

Ms. Lucretia Mbogba, Development Planning Officer – Bo District Council – Sierra Leone

Mamadou Dio Diallo, Managing Director, Galerie General Bureautique – Republic of Guinea

Mohamadou Aminou, Government Administrative Officer – Ministry of Public Contracts – Cameroon

Mr. Ojok Simon, Managing Director/ Co-Founder, HIVE Uganda – Uganda

Moise Matabaro, EHS Coordinator DRC Zone, Boart Longyear – Democratic Republic of Congo

Mr. Sebastian C. Kopulande, MP, CEO of Zambian International Trade & Investment Centre (ZITIC) – Zambia

Mr. H.B. Ooi, Managing Director, Falconcrest Limited – Singapore

Mathieu GNANDI TUANA, Managing Director, GMT GROUP – Togo

Mike Pickup, Founder and CEO, AgroCwater – United Arab Emirates

Ndansi Elvis NUKAM, President & CEO, Cameroon Trading Corporation – Cameroon

Olive Dol-Somse, CEO, Agence Bekilita – Central African Republic

Okpara Ikenna Goodyear, M.SC., Chairman, Green Remedy International Limited – Nigeria

Olaniyi Adebola, President & CEO, ADESOJ Energy And Consulting Ventures Limited – Nigeria

Ouedraogo Wendegoudi Jacqueline, Foreign Affairs Counselor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Burkina Faso

Pascal Kerong’a Urwinyo, Chairman, Kerong’a Urwinyo Investment – Congo DRC

Reginald Roman, Interim CAO and Accountant, Fransfontein Settlement area Office – Namibia

Sylvester A. Sede, MD & CEO, Sylverflame Media Ltd – Nigeria

Sebulon David, Senior Managing Partner, Glowdom – Namibia

Tchakoute.K. Henri Blaise, Operations Manager, Satch Inter Sarl – Benin

Younouss Keita, CEO, YouCorporation Sarl – Mali

Ylanga Blinker, ATIGS Organizing Committee & Alliance Partner – Suriname

Willi-Fryd Magnima, Director, Agence Diel Creative’s Business (Agence DIELCB) – Gabon

Wisdom King, CEO, Tiwala Markt Co. Ltd – Ghana

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