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All frequently asked questions for ATIGS 2018 are here. In this FAQ section, we have answered all questions that you might have as follows:

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1. What is the objective of the Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit 2018?

2. What is the format of the Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit 2018?

3. How is ATIGS different from other summits focused on Africa?
Unlike most talk-shop conferences focused on Africa, ATIGS moves beyond that and instead focus on bringing together investment promotion agencies (IPAs) and trade promotional organizations (TPOs) from across Africa all under one roof to showcase the wide range of trade and investment opportunities that are available in their respective countries in an international pavilion & country pavilion formats offering global investors, companies from all over the world, and government bodies with first hand face-to-face experiences to explore, and identify those opportunities in an ultimate business platform ideal for conducting G2B, G2G and B2B meetings.

4. Who will participate at ATIGS 2018?

5. Why does ATIGS feature ministers and governors?
6. What is the security policy at ATIGS 2018?
7. What will be the language of ATIGS 2018?

8. Where will ATIGS 2018 takes place?


1. Is there a registration to attend ATIGS 2018?

2. What is included in the attendee’s fee?

3. When will I receive my summit material?
4. If I am bringing an interpreter, do I need to pay for them?
5. Will the ATIGS 2018 be useful for companies looking for foreign investors or individuals looking for investors for their projects?
6. As a TPO exhibitor or IPA exhibitor, how many passes do we receive? Do we need to register exhibition personnel separately from the main registration site?
7. I’m an exhibitor (TPO or IPA) and want to buy tickets for the social functions – how do I do that?

8. What is the Cancellation and refund policy?


1. Are there any discounts available for government employees? Yes
2. Are there group discounts to attend ATIGS 2018? Yes
3. I am an invited speaker; do you offer discount to speakers? Yes

Preparing for The Summit

1. Do I need a U.S.. visa to attend ATIGS 2018?

2. How do I receive a visa invitation to attend ATIGS 2018?

3. Is there a delegation from my country/region going to ATIGS 2018?

4. Can a top executive bring his/her assistant to the Summit? Yes

5. As an international investor / firm, how can I get ready for ATIGS 2018?

6. As a Trade Promotion Organization (TPO), how do I prepare for ATIGS 2018?

7. As an Investment Promotion Agency (IPA), how do I prepare for ATIGS 2018?

8. I am an exhibitor. When can I deliver my exhibition items?

9. I want to come in for a day to visit the exhibition. Is there a visitor/day pass? Is there a cost?

10. How does my company get a room/space to host an event connected with ATIGS 2018?

11. How can I access up-to-the minute event information and connect with other attendees of ATIGS?

12. I’d like to know what TPOs and IPAs will be exhibiting at ATIGS 2018?

13. Do you have a list or a copy of the floor plan?

14. What is the dress code for the Summit?

15. I am a sponsor and I need to know when and where to send my banners and other promotional items.
16. Is there free parking for delegates or exhibitors?

17. Are there social events before and after the Summit?


1. Will there be transportation available between the Summit hotel and the airport?

2. How can I get to the venue ?

3. Can the ATIGS organizers cover the costs of my trip to Washington, DC?


1. Are there sponsorship opportunities for ATIGS 2018?

2. Are there speaking opportunities for ATIGS 2018?

3. Are there partnership opportunities for ATIGS 2018?

4. Are there volunteering opportunities for ATIGS 2018?


1. How can I make a hotel reservation?
2. If I want to share my hotel room with another attendee, can you assist in matching me with another person who would like to share? NO
3. I am bringing my family and I have a baby. Is there a childcare service on site at the Summit? NO
4. My partner / wife / husband, etc. will be accompanying me. Can he/she come into the venue to see me? Is there a charge? Yes

Food & Beverage

1. What can I do if I have dietary restrictions?
2. What can I do if I have other special needs?

Media & Marketing

1. I wish to become a media partner for ATIGS 2018. How do I get more information?

Other Questions

1. How can Global Attain Advancement assist me before ATIGS 2018?

2. What happens after ATIGS 2018?
3. What do I do if I have questions and none of these FAQ’s help?

If you can’t find the answer of any of your questions on the website under FAQ section, please e-mail us at [email protected]. We will respond directly to your question. We will be adding additional responses to this FAQ as we receive inquiries.


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