Letter of Support from International Trade Council

The International Trade Council

As one of the world’s largest international trade bodies, the International Trade Council has a strong voice to make issues heard at the highest level. The Council serves the international business community by facilitating networking, arranges business introductions, providing visa support letters and training opportunities aimed at driving sustainable business growth and prosperity. The International Trade Council is the public voice of domestic and international trade related organizations.

How Can the International Trade Council Helps ATIGS 2018

International Participants?

In some instances, the Council is able to provide letters of invitation to its members who are travelling on business, attending conferences such as ATIGS 2018 or otherwise undertaking business-related activities in another country.

Join the International Trade Council

  • Corporate – Large [Annually] – $250.00 (USD)
  • Corporate – Small [Annually] – $100.00 (USD)
  • Sole Trader/Self Employed – $60.00 (USD)
  • Students / Retirees – $40.00 (USD)
  • Charity of Non-Profit Organization – Free

Become a member and receive up to $20,000 USD of free benefits
Member Types & Fees
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Can the Council Obtain a Visa for ATIGS Participants?
The Council works with a number of expert travel agencies, visa consultants and law firms which can assist in processing visa applications in a timely and professional manner.

The Visa Support Process
To obtain a letter of invitation from the Council you will need to provide the following information in your request:

Your full name (Family name and given name)
Degree (M.D., Ph.D, etc.)
Job Title (Professor, Lab Director, etc.)
Full mailing address
Name of the event you plan to attend
Date of event
Other meetings that you have arranged
Details of where you will apply for a visa
Flight details (if known)

Please give us seven (7) days to fulfill your request. In some cases, Visa Offices will not accept electronically transmitted invitation letters. If you also need the Council to mail a letter of invitation, please send an email to us requesting that we mail you a copy of your invitation letter. Include your full name, city, country, and the name of the event you plan to attend. Fees will apply.

Important: Letters of invitation will be sent via regular mail unless you provide a Federal Express or DHL account number.

The Process:

Letter of Support from International Trade Council


North America
Global Attain Advancement, LLC
PO Box 18087 Austin, Texas, 78760
[email protected]

ATIGS 2018 Official Trade Partner & Global Representative
Trustrade Consulting Group, SARL
[email protected]

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