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ATIGS is proud to partner with Oasis Investment Platform as an Investment Platform Partner. All ATIGS participants with bankable projects will have the opportunity to publish the presentations of their investment projects at Oasis Investment Platform for symbolic price of 20 euros. The publication has no time limits and accessible to a wide investors audience in China, Russia, the United States, India and Singapore. The website is


Oasis investment platform focuses on Investment projects for the study of potential investors.

The characteristic features of Oasis include:

  • All business information is presented in Chinese, Russian and English, and accessible to a wide audience.
  • Oasis focused on the promotion of concrete projects, including small and medium-sized businesses, on the organization of direct contacts between entrepreneurs from different countries.
  • Oasis pay special attention to the projects from different regions, we have no geographical limits.
  • The first five places on the number of visitors to the platform website are occupied by China, Russia, the United States, India and Singapore. The total number of countries whose users visit the site exceeds 90.
ATIGS and Oasis Investment Platform

All the project developers and owners will have the opportunity to translate their project presentations from English into Russian and Chinese, provided by Oasis. The translation fees will be reasonable, and Oasis will discuss this directly with project developer. The benefits are:

– The project developer/owner can let the potential investors find the information about their investment projects during the whole year and even longer (we don’t have time limits for publications); the translation will belong to them and they can use it in their business (as you know, Russia and China has investments in Africa, so the translations can be sent to the companies in Russia, China and other Russian and Chinese speaking countries and regions, such as Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Eastern and South-Eastern Asia).

Oasis Services
  • Publishing of the presentations of projects and the advertisement.
  • Interpreting and translation.
  • Preparation of project presentations.
  • Drawing up business plans.
  • Legal services and legal advice in various areas of Russian and Chinese law
  • Consultations on ethnopsychology, strategy of negotiating with Russian and Chinese partners.
  • Project support.
  • GR consultations and support in Russia
  • Evaluation of deposits and other assets by the Chinese method
  • Placement of announcements about the search for partners and the sale of assets on Chinese and Russian websites.
  • Organization of road shows and participation in profile exhibitions in Russia and China.

If you need a service that is not in the following list or if you have any questions, you can contact Oasis

Presentations Requirements:
  • The presentation must be made in three languages: Russian, English and Chinese.
  • The presentation must be made in the form of slides in JPEG or PPT format, with 5-15 pieces.
  • The investment project presentation should contain the following information: name of the project, the location of the project, the amount and the form of investment, contact information.
  • The presentation of the equipment manufacturer should contain the following information: company name, location, main products, contact information.
  • The presentation of the technopark should contain the following information: the name, location, benefits, preferential policies, contact information.

The website is


North America
Global Attain Advancement, LLC
PO Box 18087 Austin, Texas, 78760
[email protected]

ATIGS 2018 Official Trade Partner & Global Representative
Trustrade Consulting Group, SARL
[email protected]

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